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Dealing with jaw pain? (TMD/TMJ)

Does your jaw ache?
Is it tender to touch?
Do you have difficulty chewing?
Do you clench your teeth while stressed or sleeping?
Are you having headaches and earaches 
but no one has figured out why?

Loganville Therapeutic Massage TMJ

TempoMandibular Disorders/Joint Dysfunction

A condition that affects facial muscles and jaw joints
causing pain in the jaw, around the ear and can cause it to
radiate downward into the neck.

If you are experiencing TMD/TMJ problems there are specific massage techniques I know to address these problems. By working gently on the jaw, around the ears, the top of the head, the neck where it attaches to the back of your head and intra-oral work (working inside the mouth) to release the tight muscles that are restricting movement of the jaw and tongue you will notice immediate improvement and a reduction in pain.

Be sure to mention this issue during your client interview.
We can discuss what is happening and
how best to address this problem.